Aside from the rich historic value this city acquires, the city is full of promise which is why Al-Khor Townhomes chose to develop only in San Juan. Being a local resident of the municipality since childhood, Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan owners chose to institute their brand of townhouses in the […]

Considered the heart of metropolis, this heart shaped figure city is where Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan established its brand of townhouses with the concept of family togetherness. The idea of the entire family is what inspired the company to develop a place where the family can just hang out together, […]

When looking for a dream house in Metro Manila, where there is a scarcity of available house and lot for sale, many are favouring to get either a condominium or townhouse. But what are the positive and negative sides of living in a townhouse or condominium? Let’s define one from […]