When looking for a dream house in Metro Manila, where there is a scarcity of available house and lot for sale, many are favouring to get either a condominium or townhouse. But what are the positive and negative sides of living in a townhouse or condominium?

Let’s define one from each other before we go ahead and go over the pros and cons of each of them.

A townhouse is simply a row of identical multi-level houses that shares their firewall with their neighboring unit but is built on its own land. While a condominium is a taller structure with several units sharing common walls and areas such as lobby and hallway, it is built on a common land owned by the developer.

Let’s now dissect some differences:


If one of your unfinished missions in life is ownership of a land, then owning a townhouse is basically what you consider compared to a condominium, where this residential building is still owned by the company who developed it.

Funny, but it is true, a little piece of Earth comes for every purchase. It does sound like an advertisement from a fast food company offering toys for every specific meal, but that is what you get for buying a townhouse. You get to own the piece of land where your unit stands on. Isn’t that great?!


Although the condominium might be a bit cheaper compared to buying a townhouse, you might as well check the bigger picture. It is true that with townhouse designs have compact layout that maximizes everything on its floor area. Considering that in mind, this basically meant you are getting your money’s worth since no area was left without a purpose. If you prefer a spacious home that includes auxiliary spaces then this is ideal for your family whereas a condominium floor space is not promising as what a townhouse can offer.

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Ever consider counting parking tickets? Are you getting to be impatient with your neighbor blocking the driveway? Townhouses are providing a safe place for you to keep your prized ride. You get your very own parking spot from which this space is often under a guarded and secured gated area, eliminating the needs for paying parking fees. A condominium also has this amenity as they can offer it as an add-on since there is an additional premium for this feature.


The comparison between these two types of residence in the case of maintaining your unit is pretty much the same. Both have to pay some monthly dues to a Home Owners Association (HOA) for a townhouse and a Condominium Home Owners Association for maintaining the common areas of their own respective complex. You are entitled to care for the inner fixtures of your house while you’ll have to talk to the HOA regarding the external portions of your unit.

Why is this entry in the Pros and Cons Section? Well, of course you have to figure out how big these associations are. As a townhouse would have fewer units compared to a condominium, the association would be composed of a fewer number of home owners. That implies if you have plead your case to anyone then it is easier to talk to a smaller group as to making your case in a large society.


Given that it’s just opposite your wall, a townhouse would have another neighboring unit on either side where both of you shares the same party wall. A condominium unit on the other hand has all of its sides just adjacent to another unit, besides of course that your ceiling is someone else’s floor and your floor is someone else’s ceiling.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing a wall or two, then a townhouse is perfect for you unless you want to share all sides of your unit along with your floor and ceiling, then you can go with a condo where you can also share a lobby, hallway, elevator and every common available area.


Insomuch as comparing a townhouse and a condominium, there will be one evident difference between the two residential structures. There is this comfortable environment in a townhouse nurtures it sustains a living room design for small houses compared to the apartment or rental style atmosphere in a condominium.


On the debate between a townhouse and a condominium… have you ever asked yourself which one is better?

The obvious answer would depend on your preference as this contest is determined on the emotions of the buyer.

So have you reflected which one would be best for you? Will that be a real home or would it be a glorified high rise apartment? We’d love to hear which one is perfect for you.