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What to consider when buying a house after the learning the effects of typhoon Ondoy or Yolanda? Philippines is a country that is no stranger to typhoons and it’s after effects. A prominent example was the typhoon Ondoy (which is internationally known as Ketsana) and Typhoon Yolanda (also known as Typhoon Haiyan) were considered as the second most devastating tropical cyclone in 2009. Below are some of the after effects we were able categorize.


Thousands have lost their homes. Most property investments were destroyed during that calamity. The after effects are truly alarming since affected cities we were left with high flood waters for days. Those are times that there were no rays of sunlight as you witness things you bought either submerged or floating from high waters.


Home insurance is not exactly something that Filipinos are much inclined to. Property investment drops its value and some would either be unusable or would need heavy maintenance. There are several situations that they were not able to bounce back as quickly as possible as the flood water did not only wreck allot of properties but also ruin the business industry. Reservoirs were not properly drained which allowed rapid water storage all over Metro Manila.


As a result, people are at risk enduring the unsanitary circumstances of exposure to the unhealthy environment with the dirty flood waters all around. Aside from saving endangered lives that are either drowning or trapped, on-going effort for months was done by agencies such as Red Cross and the Philippine Aid Society as they responded by providing disaster relief items and medical services.


Some would have no choice but to linger in high levels of water just to buy some of their daily commodities. Scarcity of getting nourishments such as drinking water and consumable items are hard to get to as it’s hard to move from one place to another. For sure you won’t be able to call for any delivery service.


Triggered by the alarming situation we wanted to assure that some of this difficult and unpleasant situation will be avoided. We can’t stop the rain. We can’t guarantee that it will not flood in the metropolis. We do not have a magic wand or a genie in the bottle that we can just wish the calamity to stop.
The government and several private sectors have been all out trying to accumulate funds that they may allocate for them to set up the necessary arrangement to solve the situation. However, we can make a lasting impact by making sure that you will never have to either drift or stroll in the high and unpleasant flood anymore.

Thus the so called “bayanihan??? was reborn in the modern times.

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan is of course mindful of this tragic event which is why we are acting on this matter in our very own way of helping out. Doing our part, we are making sure that the property we are introducing is free from such worries. For a first time home buyer, we were able to evaluate things to consider when buying a house.

1. Height Is Might: Our Company has developed a townhouse in San Juan. Townhouse for sale! Assured to be flood free not because we built these townhouses as a multi level unit, but because the venue itself is located on great place. You don’t even have to worry about drainage. Our projects were built on a much higher ground compared to the surrounding areas. The road towards the site set on a rising slope from the main roads nearby. There were no instances of flood water accumulating on this side of the municipality.

2. Prevention is Better Than Cure: We knew that it’s better to avoid sickness and illness rather than trying to recover from it. For the same reason, we at Al-Khor have considered the nearby hospitals around our vicinity. We foresee your needs for emergency which is why we tried to look around areas which will have this accessibility.

3. We’ve Built A Foundation: This canny and elegant project was also raised on an adobe structured ground which is extremely durable. The ground is so sturdy that the developers of this townhouse were delayed just so that they can dig through solid adobe ground. Knowing this makes the vicinity by far an ideal construction site for this affordable house.

4. Don’t Loiter Around: Our Company was able to figure that you would need easy access to your daily commodities. Having high waters all over the metropolis is going to be hard to move around. Analyzing this, we placed our vicinity in the core of a community with available consumable and necessary items that you don’t have to linger around looking for something you would need.

What to consider when buying a house? What to look for when buying a house?
We’ll appreciate your thoughts by leaving your comments below about some further things we can consider so that none of us we’ll be trapped in these situations ever again.