Townhouse for Sale in San Juan Phase 1 Exterior Perspective

AL-KHOR Townhomes San Juan is your opportunity for a gracious suburban living. Your own relaxing private space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

All unit has it’s own individual gated parking that would fit 1 to 2 cars, and in some units 2 to 4 cars. Individual surveillance cameras are also installed to each unit for added security. A short flight of stairs leads to the main entrance of the house and a full service stairs gives backdoor access from the parking area. A lanai is provided for the corner units.

Each unit has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 3 to 4 toilets/baths and a powder room. All master bedrooms have their own air-conditioning unit and own toilet/bath. Walk-in closets are provided for the master bedrooms of corner units. Maid’s room for all units with own toilet/bath is located at the garage area.

Spacious room designs for more natural light, proper ventilation and easy movement. Built-in cabinets for storage purposes. Plus individual viewing decks.


  • TYPE: Brand New Townhouse

  • BEDROOMS: 3-4

  • TOILET & BATH: 4-5

  • LOT AREA: 49 sq.m.

  • FLOOR AREA: 187 sq.m.

  • LEVEL: 4 level house

  • PARKING: 1-4 cars

  • YEAR BUILT: 2013

  • MAID’S ROOM: 1

*Individual gated parking
*Individual parking space
*Individual surveillance camera
*Half level height of stairs to the main entrance
*All Master’s bedroom has its own aircon ,toilet & bath and walk-in closet for the front and end units
*Maids room with own toilet and bath
*Spacious rooms
*Built in cabinets
*Individual viewing decks

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