Housing Loan Made Easy

Bank Financing Housing Loan Made Easy – INFOGRAPHICS

If you are looking for a townhouse for sale and considering a bank financing housing loan for you to buy, these are the two main questions you have to think about.

Townhouse for Sale, Housing Loan Made Easy

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Who & How to get Pag-IBIG Housing Loan

Who can Get and How to get a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan – INFOGRAPHICS

You may like to take into account a housing loan – to help you at last find your dream house and turn it into a reality. We, at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan, know this reality and make it available for our clients to access a program of payment method available in our townhouses for sale in San Juan through the use of Pag-IBIG Housing Loan.

The question is… do you know the requirements in order for you to qualify and apply for a housing loan; to get the house of your dreams via Pag IBIG?

Who can get and how to get a pag-ibig housing loan

Townhouse investment for family or a young couple

Is a Townhouse a Good Investment for a Family or a Young Couple?

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first time homebuyer with a limited budget like most young couples and families, buying a townhouse is an appealing investment, even if you’re just buying it to use as a rental property. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the benefits of purchasing a townhouse including but not limited to the following.

Affordable Living

affordable-livingTownhouses are always more affordable than single family homes and they also typically include higher end interior amenities. While they may have less property and square footage than a single family home, the initial costs in most cases are significantly less. There are several things to consider before buying a townhouse, and one of them is considering the cost versus the quality as well as the amenities you’ll have access to. If you’re in a position to put a significant amount down on a home, you’ll be able to purchase a great townhouse.

Basically it all comes down to what you’re looking for, your lifestyle and your budget. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want, a good example being if you need a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom townhouse. Regardless, townhouses are the ideal way to own a home when you’re just starting out whether you’re a family or a free and easy couple starting out.

Location, Location, Location

location-mapWith this new fast passed world where getting couples, engaged in the corporate world and busy families, a townhouse is the perfect place to live. This also applies to young families, but either group these days don’t have a lot of time to spare. One of the most significant benefits of townhouses is that they’re usually more conveniently located than homes making it possible to live in an urban setting with all of the essential amenities.

In most cases, owning a townhouse makes it easy for couples and families to have access to all the benefits of the city including family friendly activities, schools and colleges as well as dining experiences, nightlife venues and the corporate world where they’re employed.

Amenities and maintenance

Most townhouses come with special amenities including decks, personal garages or covered parking, security services and more, all helping provide cohesive, luxury living on a budget. It would be impossible to find a single family home with all the incredible amenities most townhouses are packed with anywhere near the price range or in as good of a location. Even the interior accents from the kitchen appliances, to the countertops, designer bathrooms and more are impressive, better than you could possibly expect from single family homes in a moderate price range. In addition, You can also expect the building to be well maintained as well as the landscaping and any available play areas provided for children if applicable.

Selling the Townhouse

alkhor-selling-townhouseAnyone who invests in a townhouse that’s in a good location will in most cases have an easy time selling it and the affordable price will definitely quicken the turnaround time as well. Most savvy real estate investors will tell you that for young couples and families, townhouses are viable investments because of their affordability and appreciation value.

Practical Advice on Choosing the Best House

Practical Advice on Choosing the Best House for your Family

What is the dilemma that first time home buyers encounter as they pursue getting their very own dream house? What are things to consider when buying a house? Pondering over your checklist, you began to think about getting to the correct choices in choosing the best home for your family.
There are things to know before buying a house. First in your checklist is what type of house you would want to live in and the considerations you have to make is not just for your own but also for your family. After identifying the type of house, you would need to ponder on several factors before you can make your mind up.

We have arranged some that you might highlight in your list.


Top of the list, this is the first question in mind, cost to buy a house.

One way to make sure about this is research. You should already deliver an idea if your household will be able to afford living in certain newly develop community before you start on a house tripping. You should know your budget and you should stick to it. You have to know what your budget can lead you and you have to defy anything that will lure you to go beyond that budget. The costs involved in buying a house are critical.

Aside from the mortgage payment there are several factors you have to analyze in your budget such as checking the home insurance and taxes you have to account paying in due time. Looking forward in time is something you better think of because you basically have to weigh some future cost of maintaining the property.

Also factor in any future costs includes a long term maintenance program where you have to be a Mr. Fix it or you can hire help on these matters for the next five years: this can be things such as repairing the roof, repainting the walls, updating the electrical system, the cooling system’s maintenance and plumbing.

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You might find a home in a neighbourhood that you’re not familiar with, which is fine. It simply implies that you’ll have to make out a bit more homework. Obtaining a property that you might not be familiar with is fine, as long as you’ll just have to do some task trying to recognize the situation better.

You might want to start making a list of cities, towns and even neighbourhoods that you want to consider settling. A fraction of what you have to think about is the school system, proximity of health care, crime stats, recreational activities, reasonable commuting distance and any other quality of daily living that you feel significant. It all boils down to deciding on what everyone chooses.

I also wrote an article that might help you about location: Best Family Tambayan in the Heart of San Juan.


You’ve been reading allot of tips on how to buy a house, but it all falls down on the most important aspect you have considered before you can decide if the property is worth every penny you’re about to spend on it. Home features are what to look for when buying a house.

Always remember that each and every family does not have the same needs.

Is this property investment attached or detached home? It is an important to know how many storeys is this property investment supposed to be. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a must on the features. Verifying if the house has a car garage, walk-up attic, a basement or utility area are also some aspects that might influence you.

I might suppose that trying to find your perfect home is like getting your perfect partner. You receive your standards but you’ll see that it does not constantly work with what you desire. Hardly ever does everything match your desires, so just take your time and recognize the significant things you must have, things that are not that much important, those that you kind of want and those matters that can never take place.

We like to learn from you and leave your comments below, so that we can offer more practical advice regarding how we can help you determine the best practical home for your family.

Empty Nesters and Retirees Townhouse Investment

FAMILY GUIDE: Why Empty Nesters and Retirees Invest on Townhouse?

You were reminiscing about the time you visited your grandchildren on your first day of retirement, when you came across an advertisement in the newspaper that reads “townhouse for sale.” With all things taken into account for, you started thinking out loud that this might be a good idea. We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan could not agree more.

So why would a retiree or an empty nester come across the thought buying a house? Let’s enumerate what you could have considered to come up with that decision…


You might ask yourself one day… “What did I get out of all those years of work?” You surely have gone through allot as you are now in your retirement years. A good property investment is a something that might have crossed your mind back then, and you don’t have to worry since it is still a perfect time for you to fulfil that dream.

We at Al-Khor have created a flamboyant townhouse in San Juan for the sole purpose of providing a luxurious modern townhouse design that you’ll definitely recognize all your hard work to be all worth it.


Be proud of what you have provided. With modern and fashionable architectural prowess in mind, Al-Khor has built your very own dream house from where we were able to highlight its trendy modern house interior design. Pictures of your property will be a classic topic during your family gatherings in your own living room. Design for townhouse, surely you’ll never be shy as this is a perfect inheritance you can pass on to your family as well.

Why not appreciate life without needing to worry about your loved ones shelter for the future to come.


As a parent, we are bound to face the reality that our children will grow up and will have a family of their own. Longing to see your offspring or your grandchildren more often, it is wise to move in a very accessible home. We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan specialize in making a perfectly suitable environment for you, as we introduce a homey and elegant town community which is in the heart of the metropolis.

We understand your yearning for your love ones which is why we equipped our townhouse in San Juan with a spacious multi-level modern home designs. Ideas of sleepovers and reunions are the best things you’ll be looking forward to.


Checking the condition of our industry right now, where prices are moving up and the premium for maintaining a single detached family home is not getting cheaper by the dozen, you might consider downsizing to be a huge but excellent choice. Mortgage and maintenance cost might be too much for a bigger house compared to townhouse.

Homeowners association basically lays everything on the table, as they will discuss with you the monthly dues rendered for the common areas of the townhouse and for occasional care of the external sections of your unit.

Compared to the upkeep on a bigger house, the cost is much more affordable. Townhouses are smaller but definitely smarter since if there is a need to fix something, you can organize and split the cost with your neighbors so you can get the same contractor, thus lowering the job rate.

You might have reflected with one or two cases cited above, whatever it is, you may now have a wider understanding of what is ahead of you in your retirement years. In general, the simplest reason for retirees and empty nesters to move and downsize their home is their desire for a change in lifestyle and the needs to change it.

What are the things you’ve worked hard for which you’d wish to pass as a legacy to your loved ones? Are you still trying to figure out if a townhouse for sale in San Juan city is also a good idea? We’d love to hear your thoughts by leaving your comments below.


Easier Options In Buying A House

Easier Options In Buying A House – Pagibig or Bank Financing House Loan

Having your very own dream house is the greatest dream of every Filipino family.

If you are looking to buy a house, these are the two main questions you have to think about.

  1. 1. Is the costs involved in buying a house too much that you might start thinking that your dream house is just a dream?  – The truth of it all is that most of those who plan to purchase a house does not have a sustainable cash in hand that they can readily compensate for their dream house.
  2. 2. Are there easier ways of buying a house?  – There are some that might have the amount to pay for it, but would prefer to apply for a loan to clear it since paying it in full might be too much of a burden they can manage.


These questions are undoubtedly with enlightening answer. We present not a magic word, but an easier solution that might broaden your choices.


There are so many lending institutions and bank financing programs that offer their very own mortgage interest rates or home loan rates. You may have been thinking which bank has the most inexpensive mortgage rates since you are most likely inclined to be mingled up with every decision you make.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can easily find which option is best fitted for you? It is fine since we can help you out in deciphering the best option you might desire to think around.


Why is it that PAG IBIG is the first thing that will come up in your mind. Is it basically because of the small amount deducted out of your salary every time you see your paycheck? I guess that will be the most obvious reason.

Home Development Mutual Fund or commonly known as PAG IBIG housing loan fund is providing a loan to finance the your much desired dream house. This is just one of the assistance if not the most popular service provided by the institution.

  • b) Bank Financing

Are you intimidated inquiring from banks since they might have too many or might have a strict set of requirements to buy a house? Are you the type that is so afraid of the rejection once they start evaluating your application? Are you the one that appears to be overwhelmed with the higher interest rate?

You might want to consider checking the details of housing loan provided by banks since you might see a more beneficial bargain.

There are of course different banks who also offers this service to prospective buyers. Home loans through bank financing might be too much to absorb at first glance, but also might prove to provide a wider range of options for your much awaited dream house.


Many would think that they will have to depend on their housing loan to be able to purchase their dream house, but on the contrary your housing loan is dependent on you. Everything about your housing loan is subject to other qualifiers that the one providing the loan should consider.

The actual need of the borrower is being weighed by the bank or institution to verify how much can a certain borrower can make use of. Before they approve your proposed loan, they have to verify from your application and from any financial records you have your capacity to pay. Repayment process may also differ for both of them; PAGIBIG can go up to a maximum of 30 years while for banks would range from five (5) up to 35 (thirty five) years.


This may not be updated in the future, but I would only like to use this information I gather to be able to offer a better comparison for both lending institution and bank funding.

With PAG IBIG their lowest interest rate is 4.5%, which of course subject for re-pricing. You might clear out PAG IBIG to be the most economical; however you are bound to a limited maximum amount that you can borrow. While some banks are offering as low as 5.50% for the first year and some banks offer a fixed rate of 7.5% for the first 5 years. Both cases are subject to re-pricing after the agreed time frame.


If you are too excited to get your dream house, then what are you waiting for? After deciding which option is best for you, start to make that move so you can make those necessary steps in buying your dream home. You might as well also note that PAG IBIG offers a processing time of 15 business days compared to how fast a bank can approve your loan, which will just take around 5-7 business days.

Everything depends on you as these factors will help you decide which option is better.

We wouldn’t want your dream house to stay as a dream forever. Have we enlighten you as to how you can finally achieve your dream house?

We would love to also hear from you by leaving a comments below that you might consider the best and easiest option so that you can get approved at the soonest possible time.

Best Family Hangout in San Juan

Best Family Tambayan in the Heart of San Juan

Considered the heart of metropolis, this heart shaped figure city is where Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan established its brand of townhouses with the concept of family togetherness. The idea of the entire family is what inspired the company to develop a place where the family can just hang out together, further strengthening the family ties.

A family get-together is always a satisfying event to be at. Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan is aware of this special event and acknowledges that you wanted to hang out with the most important people in your life. What best way to go about having this recollection other than having a comfortable place to rest before and after the gathering.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best things-to-do in San Juan that you might need to add in your checklist.


Want to get your spouse the best price of your shopping check list? Is your kid craving for the latest device on the market? The city is popular for its very own trendy “tiangge” or bargain mall; Greenhills Shopping Center is mall where you can find low prices for up-to-date electronic gizmos, stylish clothing lines and other useful merchandise.

The shopping center has an ‘indoor-outdoor’ theme that makes it one of the few places you can’t go without. Definitely the spot you are enticed to go to, Greenhills is just a few minutes away from where Al-Khor is located.


Were you so busy lately that you’re not able to prepare something to eat? No fear. Grab your phone so you can grab a bite. The vicinity alone has several restaurants, bakeries or eatery you can call to have food delivered. May it be for breakfast, luncheon or dinner… you’ll never run out of options to share with your family.

Late hours at work and you just arrived home? No worries. Invite your family to go out as San Juan has the best Open-Till-Late food establishments. From restaurants, fast-foods, coffee shops and eatery stalls this city bears the best assortment of tasty delectable treats for all walkways of life. That’s not all! Most would also offer free WI-Fi!


Would you wish to get your family closer to God? San Juan City is in proximity to diverse religious groups and spiritual fellowships. Both organized religious groups and fellowships have established themselves in the metropolis where some would own their own place of worship while others would have to employ a function room somewhere in their territory.


Would you wish your kids to experience a healthier life style? Burn those calories and get a move on! Aside from the safe and secure neighborhood, there is a park as well near Pinaglabanan Shrine where you and your partner can either jog or Zumba your heart’s content. There are also several well known fitness centers around the district within the Greenhills vicinity with amenities that will surely inspire you to slim down.

I also wrote an article about WHY living in San Juan Townhouse is more practical for young couples.


Is your youngest child begging you to catch the latest action pack adaptation of his favourite superhero? Go ahead and arrange a date for a movie night. Most are in-house theatres from huge shopping malls, there’s a full range of first rate movie houses that even the inner kid in you will definitely be craving for.

May it be as grand as a family gathering, a routine time where you can hang out with your family or a date to remember with your better half, you can find all the modern necessities that you and your family can enjoy. This city makes it an ideal place for you to spend those precious moments with your love ones. We at Al-Khor are making sure you’re in the center of all this occasions.


What other places and activities in San Juan is you so fond of? We would love to hear from you by leaving your comments below HOW San Juan city can be an ideal place in the metropolis for your household to spend those quality times with.

Practical Townhouse for Young Couple

CASE STUDY: Why living in San Juan Townhouse is More Practical for Young Couples?

You’ve always dreamt about getting your very own dream house. This is what a young couple has been pondering before they walk the aisle. Would it be a luxury house or a practical modern townhouse? Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan, a family oriented company; recognizes your dream which is why we are making it more practical for a young couple to start their family with our developed luxurious townhomes.

Understanding this new era, where young professional couples are engaged in the corporate industry, a townhouse is the most ideal place to live in. Not having much time to spare, we came up with a more accessible way of luxurious living in an urban setting. Getting your chance in the fast paced industry certainly seems to be increasing and we wouldn’t want you to be far from those opportunities.

We have lined up practical reasons what a young couple can account for when buying a house.


It may or may not be in the same city as where your workplace is located but our San Juan Townhouse is strategically placed where you are able to access a transport to the nearby cities that you need to be. Young professionals, emerging entrepreneurs and young families that are starting out are most likely still materializing their young careers juggling between their work and their family.

By practically be in proximity to where you wanted to be, we can help you cut off your travel time. Whereas you can use that save time for productive matter such as family affairs, recreational stuff or social events.


Many young professionals are as busy as ant, going onwards with a gruelling day of hard work to accumulate enough to not only make ends meet, but to also set aside some specially for the rainy day (not literally a raining day of course). Some would even venture with an additional income on the side.

You might say that working hard is typical or normal in your everyday routine, but the day should not end without you any rewards. Enough of the exhausting details of your weary day and we might as well take a glimpse forward to what’s in store for you after your work is done.

What a better way to end that busy day other than to coming home so you can relax in your extravagantly designed dream home. After that mind stressing and backbreaking work, it’s soothing to think that both of you are in your very own sumptuous dream house, such as what Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan has to offer.


Even if the condominium market is very strong right now, young couple still felt the need of coming home to a delightful environment such as what a townhouse can present. Some might say that a condominium is basically an enormous apartment which is cheaper than the fee you shell out from a hotel on a daily basis. It is a matter of fact, true.

It is not only the mere fact that the surroundings of our townhouse in San Juan have this comfortable atmosphere; it also allows you to feel the tranquillity of not being compounded with the idea of renting out a place in a glorified apartment. There is this sense of ownership that helps the young couple’s self-esteem.


Many would say that their product is better than the other, this might be true in some cases, but you would hear the competition say exactly the same thing. We will not justify our case with the same shallow statements. Since we can proudly say that the quality can speak for itself.

Practically all lies down to the budget. It is important that a young couple can save as much as they can since they are just starting out. There are several things to know before buying a house, and one of them is weighing the cost of the property versus the quality and features you can get out of it.


The quality of our townhouse in San Juan is over what was expected of it, taking into account the amount of its inexpensive premium. With the cost of getting not only the architect and an interior designer that worked together in making this project worthwhile, you can also consider the amenities we have in-store for you.

A pond by pound features is also discussed in my other post: Townhouse in San Juan Features.


It is important for a young couple that there is peace on both sides of the relationship.

It‘s rare to see a townhouse for sale in metro manila with such a reasonable price, bearing in mind that it has this much amenities and superior craftsmanship in features. This makes our prized townhouse project a perfect setting for a young couple that is basically starting their lives together.

We’d be glad to hear from you some more practical reasons why living in a townhouse is practical for you.




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