AL-KHOR Townhomes San Juan is your opportunity for a gracious suburban living

Your own relaxing private space amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

All unit has it’s own individual gated parking that would fit 1 to 2 cars, and in some units 2 to 4 cars. Individual surveillance cameras are also installed to each unit for added security. A short flight of stairs leads to the main entrance of the house and a full service stairs gives backdoor access from the parking area. A lanai is provided for the corner units.

Each unit has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 3 to 4 toilets/baths and a powder room. All master bedrooms have their own air-conditioning unit and own toilet/bath. Walk-in closets are provided for the master bedrooms of corner units. Maid’s room for all units with own toilet/bath is located at the garage area.

Spacious room designs for more natural light, proper ventilation and easy movement. Built-in cabinets for storage purposes. Plus individual viewing decks.


  • Type: Brand New Townhouse
  • Bedrooms: 3-4
  • Toilet & Bath: 3-4
  • Lot Area: 49 sqm.
  • Floor Area: 187 sqm.
  • Level: 4 Level House
  • Parking: 1-4 cars
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Maid's Room: 1


  • Individual gated parking
  • Individual parking space
  • Individual surveillance camera
  • Half level height of stairs to the main entrance
  • All Master’s bedroom has its own aircon ,toilet & bath and walk-in closet for the front and end units
  • Maids room with own toilet and bath
  • Spacious rooms
  • Built in cabinets
  • Individual viewing decks

No corners cut. In Design. Materials. And Amenities.

Conceptualizing a stress free urban lifestyle within the heart of San Juan

Redefine convenience for everyone in the family

Loosen up as with our assured flood free community

Distinctively stylish modern architecture and classy interior design

Looking ahead to a promising new day as you waken up in the serenity of your very own elegantly design townhome. Discover yourself in the one of the most strikingly designed townhouse in San Juan City as you disclose your inner peace amidst the busy streets of the metropolis. A home located in a safe and quiet neighborhood; this is a safe haven which boasts of the level of excellence a fancy luxury home has.

Sit back and unwind with your loved ones over the porch as you gaze upon an overlooking in the metropolis. Truly one of the most economical yet luxurious made Philippine houses, this luxury townhouse makes urban lifestyle with a whole new substance.

townhouse for sale in San Juan will be you worthwhile experience; in view of the fact that every day will be as efficient since you are assured never to be far from any possible places you would need to be in a community. All about comfort and convenience, this San Juan townhouse is well fitted for the busy family as we are barely a few away from shopping centers, private schools, hospitals, business districts and other commercial organizations.

Pivot your way to nearby establishments and well known community hang outs where these are in direct proximity from where you’re at. Raise your social, spiritual, rational and physical wellness as there are these amenities you can effortlessly be at from where we are located. We have not just mapped out your itinerary, but fundamentally placed you in proximity to your community.

We realize that you don’t like wasting a great deal of time; feeding back and forth those long distances just to run some errands while you recall about being at some place you needed to be at. In a world where everything appears to be faced paced and time seems to be literally short, you can use those precious travel time for more profound quality moments with your household or other significant issues.

You’ll experience all the peace of mind you truly deserve. Being a multilevel structure, not only was it designed to reduce flood hazards, but the place itself was strategically erected up in a high place, assuring you that you’ll never have to experience that anymore.

A clump of three-storey structure designed specifically with a fashionable modern architecture and sophisticated interior design for a medium-rise townhouse. For sale in San Juan city is not merely a house you can raise your family with but a home profound with elegantly crafted renowned lifestyle you can let your family experience.

Picture yourself right now a trendy home with images of interior design. For small houses that maximize space as what we have done, this is not simply a dwelling place but an artistic creation of its own category. What we offer is a dream townhouse with modern house design ideas which we raised in this very project not only for your convenience but also for your discriminating taste.

Proudly a hot commodity this the first phase (Phase 1) of our series was sold out for being out in the market for just the first quarter of 2014. In account for the successful venture on our Phase 1, we are now revealing the second stage (Phase 2 of 3) our low-density development in the suburban San Juan City. We are happy to introduce to all of you that the second phase or Phase 2 of our townhouse for sale in the San Juan city is immediately open for pre-selling.

Comfort and style in its finest form is a sure thing with Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan.

Premium Units

(187 sqm Floor Area)

Invest in your family's future now.

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