why we develop townhouse only in san juan city

Aside from the rich historic value this city acquires, the city is full of promise which is why Al-Khor Townhomes chose to develop only in San Juan.

Being a local resident of the municipality since childhood, Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan owners chose to institute their brand of townhouses in the city of San Juan. After all considerations were weighed; every practical reason was valued, the company came to a decision to officially make the municipality their companies nesting ground for developing their brand of townhouse.

Al-Khor hand pick San Juan as a location for their townhouses and below are some key points that supports their decision.


Throughout the years, the city has enormously enhanced its stature where merit should be given to the local government’s continuing effort. Campaigns were launched addressing issues relating to its local economy and social standpoint. Anti-crime reinforced laws were also given special attention to make the district a safer place for residents.

It is true; business and establishments have already blossomed in this part of the metropolis; however, valuing the progress of the city they understand that it is a more suitable and safer place to live in. These are the reasons why the developer chose to establish their mark in the city.


Prime Establishment in San Juan City
Everyone wants to be in the center of something. For this reason, this family oriented company decided to build their foundation in San Juan. The city is geographically small; considered as the heart of the city, the place is in the center of the metropolis. The developer acquired a strategic location which is in direct proximity to prime establishments and places that matter the most to your daily life.

Government buildings and private sectors are just a few minutes away. There are nearby hospitals in case of health issues and emergency, schools for your educational enrichment. There are also shopping malls and supermarkets you can go to for your daily routine needs. The site is basically in the core of the metropolitan area.


Travel Accessibility
Transportation is superb, there are several options for you to get around. There are numerous jeepney routes that operate throughout the city and there are also other shorter route destinations. The place also has a bus route going to Quiapo heading towards Cainta and Taytay that passes through main roads every day.

There are tricycles that can take you to almost any part of the district aside from the taxi cabs which do the same thing but on a wider scope of destination. Giving you an advantage; there is a distinct light rail service in the metro manila is also accessible. Cutting a few minutes of your travel.


Promise of progress in San Juan City
The guarantee of advancement is remarkable in the city. Considered a historic city from the early years of the revolution, San Juan City has revolutionized itself, particularly in terms of cultural significance, tourism potentials, social prominence, and economic progress.

The company owners themselves observe the evolution of the flourishing municipality. Being a resident of the city themselves for a number of years; they witness the rise of mid-rise to high rise structures that provide industry to the citizens of the city. Many companies choose to establish their business in the city, making any development in the district to be very competitive.


san juan as low crime city
This city has its historical value. It is known that a revolution was ignited in this historical place during the Spanish regime. The municipality became a place of refuge and security from that point on. The city might not be in the top 10 safest cities to live in, considering the top 10 cities in this list are mostly in the provincial sectors; San Juan city is still one of the safety places to live in the busy metropolis. Knowing that the city has a remarkably low crime rate percentage compared to other urban municipality; we are pleased to say that the site itself is in a neighbourhood which is close to a police precinct and a nearby Barangay.


Decorating quality brand townhouses at a reasonable price may not resemble much of an impact on the district; Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan was developed for the sole purpose of helping out Filipinos get better stylish homes in the most economical way. Thus we present a luxurious modern townhouse design that will be marked as the company’s contribution to the progress of the urban district.

In return Al-Khor would like to make sure that their homeowners will also experience the affluent lifestyle of what this city brought them.

San Juan City is the hometown for our developed townhouses for now; these are just some reasons why the company owners prefer to exclusively develop in this municipality. You might want to share your thoughts why would you also feel that San Juan is a perfect city for our townhouses. Maybe you have also some thoughts about this topic you’d like us to consider. We would appreciate hearing those thoughts from you.

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