Best Family Hangout in San Juan

Considered the heart of metropolis, this heart shaped figure city is where Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan established its brand of townhouses with the concept of family togetherness. The idea of the entire family is what inspired the company to develop a place where the family can just hang out together, further strengthening the family ties.

A family get-together is always a satisfying event to be at. Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan is aware of this special event and acknowledges that you wanted to hang out with the most important people in your life. What best way to go about having this recollection other than having a comfortable place to rest before and after the gathering.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best things-to-do in San Juan that you might need to add in your checklist.


Want to get your spouse the best price of your shopping check list? Is your kid craving for the latest device on the market? The city is popular for its very own trendy “tiangge” or bargain mall; Greenhills Shopping Center is mall where you can find low prices for up-to-date electronic gizmos, stylish clothing lines and other useful merchandise.

The shopping center has an ‘indoor-outdoor’ theme that makes it one of the few places you can’t go without. Definitely the spot you are enticed to go to, Greenhills is just a few minutes away from where Al-Khor is located.


Were you so busy lately that you’re not able to prepare something to eat? No fear. Grab your phone so you can grab a bite. The vicinity alone has several restaurants, bakeries or eatery you can call to have food delivered. May it be for breakfast, luncheon or dinner… you’ll never run out of options to share with your family.

Late hours at work and you just arrived home? No worries. Invite your family to go out as San Juan has the best Open-Till-Late food establishments. From restaurants, fast-foods, coffee shops and eatery stalls this city bears the best assortment of tasty delectable treats for all walkways of life. That’s not all! Most would also offer free WI-Fi!


Would you wish to get your family closer to God? San Juan City is in proximity to diverse religious groups and spiritual fellowships. Both organized religious groups and fellowships have established themselves in the metropolis where some would own their own place of worship while others would have to employ a function room somewhere in their territory.


Would you wish your kids to experience a healthier life style? Burn those calories and get a move on! Aside from the safe and secure neighborhood, there is a park as well near Pinaglabanan Shrine where you and your partner can either jog or Zumba your heart’s content. There are also several well known fitness centers around the district within the Greenhills vicinity with amenities that will surely inspire you to slim down.

I also wrote an article about WHY living in San Juan Townhouse is more practical for young couples.


Is your youngest child begging you to catch the latest action pack adaptation of his favourite superhero? Go ahead and arrange a date for a movie night. Most are in-house theatres from huge shopping malls, there’s a full range of first rate movie houses that even the inner kid in you will definitely be craving for.

May it be as grand as a family gathering, a routine time where you can hang out with your family or a date to remember with your better half, you can find all the modern necessities that you and your family can enjoy. This city makes it an ideal place for you to spend those precious moments with your love ones. We at Al-Khor are making sure you’re in the center of all this occasions.


What other places and activities in San Juan is you so fond of? We would love to hear from you by leaving your comments below HOW San Juan city can be an ideal place in the metropolis for your household to spend those quality times with.

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