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You’ve always dreamt about getting your very own dream house. This is what a young couple has been pondering before they walk the aisle. Would it be a luxury house or a practical modern townhouse? Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan, a family oriented company; recognizes your dream which is why we are making it more practical for a young couple to start their family with our developed luxurious townhomes.

Understanding this new era, where young professional couples are engaged in the corporate industry, a townhouse is the most ideal place to live in. Not having much time to spare, we came up with a more accessible way of luxurious living in an urban setting. Getting your chance in the fast paced industry certainly seems to be increasing and we wouldn’t want you to be far from those opportunities.

We have lined up practical reasons what a young couple can account for when buying a house.


It may or may not be in the same city as where your workplace is located but our San Juan Townhouse is strategically placed where you are able to access a transport to the nearby cities that you need to be. Young professionals, emerging entrepreneurs and young families that are starting out are most likely still materializing their young careers juggling between their work and their family.

By practically be in proximity to where you wanted to be, we can help you cut off your travel time. Whereas you can use that save time for productive matter such as family affairs, recreational stuff or social events.


Many young professionals are as busy as ant, going onwards with a gruelling day of hard work to accumulate enough to not only make ends meet, but to also set aside some specially for the rainy day (not literally a raining day of course). Some would even venture with an additional income on the side.

You might say that working hard is typical or normal in your everyday routine, but the day should not end without you any rewards. Enough of the exhausting details of your weary day and we might as well take a glimpse forward to what’s in store for you after your work is done.

What a better way to end that busy day other than to coming home so you can relax in your extravagantly designed dream home. After that mind stressing and backbreaking work, it’s soothing to think that both of you are in your very own sumptuous dream house, such as what Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan has to offer.


Even if the condominium market is very strong right now, young couple still felt the need of coming home to a delightful environment such as what a townhouse can present. Some might say that a condominium is basically an enormous apartment which is cheaper than the fee you shell out from a hotel on a daily basis. It is a matter of fact, true.

It is not only the mere fact that the surroundings of our townhouse in San Juan have this comfortable atmosphere; it also allows you to feel the tranquillity of not being compounded with the idea of renting out a place in a glorified apartment. There is this sense of ownership that helps the young couple’s self-esteem.


Many would say that their product is better than the other, this might be true in some cases, but you would hear the competition say exactly the same thing. We will not justify our case with the same shallow statements. Since we can proudly say that the quality can speak for itself.

Practically all lies down to the budget. It is important that a young couple can save as much as they can since they are just starting out. There are several things to know before buying a house, and one of them is weighing the cost of the property versus the quality and features you can get out of it.


The quality of our townhouse in San Juan is over what was expected of it, taking into account the amount of its inexpensive premium. With the cost of getting not only the architect and an interior designer that worked together in making this project worthwhile, you can also consider the amenities we have in-store for you.

A pond by pound features is also discussed in my other post: Townhouse in San Juan Features.


It is important for a young couple that there is peace on both sides of the relationship.

It‘s rare to see a townhouse for sale in metro manila with such a reasonable price, bearing in mind that it has this much amenities and superior craftsmanship in features. This makes our prized townhouse project a perfect setting for a young couple that is basically starting their lives together.

We’d be glad to hear from you some more practical reasons why living in a townhouse is practical for you.

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