Empty Nesters and Retirees Townhouse Investment

You were reminiscing about the time you visited your grandchildren on your first day of retirement, when you came across an advertisement in the newspaper that reads “townhouse for sale.” With all things taken into account for, you started thinking out loud that this might be a good idea. We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan could not agree more.

So why would a retiree or an empty nester come across the thought buying a house? Let’s enumerate what you could have considered to come up with that decision…


You might ask yourself one day… “What did I get out of all those years of work?” You surely have gone through allot as you are now in your retirement years. A good property investment is a something that might have crossed your mind back then, and you don’t have to worry since it is still a perfect time for you to fulfil that dream.

We at Al-Khor have created a flamboyant townhouse in San Juan for the sole purpose of providing a luxurious modern townhouse design that you’ll definitely recognize all your hard work to be all worth it.


Be proud of what you have provided. With modern and fashionable architectural prowess in mind, Al-Khor has built your very own dream house from where we were able to highlight its trendy modern house interior design. Pictures of your property will be a classic topic during your family gatherings in your own living room. Design for townhouse, surely you’ll never be shy as this is a perfect inheritance you can pass on to your family as well.

Why not appreciate life without needing to worry about your loved ones shelter for the future to come.


As a parent, we are bound to face the reality that our children will grow up and will have a family of their own. Longing to see your offspring or your grandchildren more often, it is wise to move in a very accessible home. We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan specialize in making a perfectly suitable environment for you, as we introduce a homey and elegant town community which is in the heart of the metropolis.

We understand your yearning for your love ones which is why we equipped our townhouse in San Juan with a spacious multi-level modern home designs. Ideas of sleepovers and reunions are the best things you’ll be looking forward to.


Checking the condition of our industry right now, where prices are moving up and the premium for maintaining a single detached family home is not getting cheaper by the dozen, you might consider downsizing to be a huge but excellent choice. Mortgage and maintenance cost might be too much for a bigger house compared to townhouse.

Homeowners association basically lays everything on the table, as they will discuss with you the monthly dues rendered for the common areas of the townhouse and for occasional care of the external sections of your unit.

Compared to the upkeep on a bigger house, the cost is much more affordable. Townhouses are smaller but definitely smarter since if there is a need to fix something, you can organize and split the cost with your neighbors so you can get the same contractor, thus lowering the job rate.

You might have reflected with one or two cases cited above, whatever it is, you may now have a wider understanding of what is ahead of you in your retirement years. In general, the simplest reason for retirees and empty nesters to move and downsize their home is their desire for a change in lifestyle and the needs to change it.

What are the things you’ve worked hard for which you’d wish to pass as a legacy to your loved ones? Are you still trying to figure out if a townhouse for sale in San Juan city is also a good idea? We’d love to hear your thoughts by leaving your comments below.


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