Renting vs Buying a House

As you were browsing your social media account, an advertisement about a townhouse might have captured your attention: “house for sale in the Manila Philippines“. All of a sudden you were people have a tendency to fear the fact of acquiring a property investment.

Which is better for you? Rent vs buy? House is one of the most basic necessity which. One might compare the monetary value of renting versus purchasing a house. A House for sale may be something you desire to land on; however, most people does not have sufficient capital to purchase an entire house with their own cash savings.

For this reason most people are stuck thinking about this question.

Let’s take an in-depth look on certain factors of this comparison.



Think of this for a moment; Which option will save those extra cash you set aside?
There is always this argument about which one is more cost-effective. Some would suppose it’s more practical to rent a home; buying an affordable house is wiser according to most people. It constantly gets down by the numbers and then try to balance your finance in a long term perspective.

  • Why not try to add up the amount that you have to compensate for an entire year renting an apartment. The sum of the extra charges attached to the monthly rent such as parking fees and utility fees.
  • Now multiply these numbers in a span of at least five years.
  • Then find a house within the same vicinity which would have the same lot area that you’re renting. Note the amount of the contract price of your target property.
  • Tally the cost of repair, taxes and mortgage up in a five year term that you can see the comparison between the two.

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan understands that you are planning in advance, which is why we would wish you to punch in those numbers. You’ll have an estimate how much you’ll be spending within that time frame. It would be better to have the computation set for ten (10) years, that way you can see the bigger picture in hand.

Renting a house has got nothing tangible to show for besides the accumulated receipts and the next pending bill. It is then considered a wise move to buy a property rather than to rent.



At the present time, the biggest factor of our comparison is the expenditure of purchasing.

Try to analyze, since this would rely on the condition of the Philippine real estate. In some instances that the price is on the down trend, then renting may be to the advantage.

When the price of the real state goes up, then renting can be projected as dead money. An example to this is when the contract price of a property, the maintenance and along with the mortgage is less compared to expenditure of the monthly rent for a number of years, then it’s wise that you consider purchasing a home.

The premium on buying a house these days maybe large; it is still a general saying that buying a home is still a“good investment.” In any case, you’re not “throwing away your money.”

We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan recognize that you want to obtain a property investment since you would love to build your wealth and assure a secure a retirement in terms of real estate investing. Having read that, we made it sure our series of luxury townhouse in San Juan are affordable homes you can acquire.

As you have to think whether it is a good time to buy a property investment, put this in mind: You’re going to eventually do it anyway. If not now then when will you start?



Monopoly is born since you’re not given a choice; we can provide you a better choice.

Think about the charges you don’t have any control over. Aside from the monthly dues of renting, you are also dictated by those extra charges. Most landlords based it on the overall consumption of all the tenants along with those added utility bills and you’re not even sure where the rest of it came from.

We at Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan recognize as well that you felt like paying your monthly rent is like throwing money away. Which is why we made it possible for you to realize that the price of purchasing a house is more economical to maintain compared to your rent; we offer a variety of affordable townhouses which can reduce the cost in a long run.

Be mindful that as you continuously pay for the mortgage, you also gradually get closer to owning that property. In doing so, you’ll be free from a landlords’ dictatorship.


Cost is a factor no more. Do you feel like your eternally paying up monthly rents? We would love to hear how you weigh the cost between your rent and your prospective dream house.

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