Factors that determine the affordability of your housing investment

How to determine great value when you buy a house in Metro Manila?

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan captured the demand of Filipino families looking to reside within the capital.
If there’s one thing that drives homeowners to invest in Al-Khor, its affordability.

The price value of a house in this area has many factors.
1. The most significant would be the location.

As the city’s infrastructure continues to develop, the appreciation value also rise.
Developments such as businesses, shopping malls, flyovers, schools and hospitals all influence the price of a property.


2. The built structure also affects the cost of the property.


The design, construction cost, materials, height and space along with the durability of the building all has an impact to the value of the house.

In addition to its cost, amenities also contributes a role in this.
Common facilities such as swimming pool, park podium and fitness gym gives convenience and comfortable living to its homeowners.


3. Experience prestige lifestyle in this prime location.

Having quick access to other neighborhood cities adds to the value of the property.
No one goes wrong investing in a prime area knowing your property will appreciate its worth as time goes by.


All of these factors contributes to what your dream house is worth.
We at Al-Khor Townhomes, work to bring your dream house within your reach.
See it for yourself.
Call us now for more details or visit our few available units: Phase 2

happy buying a townhouse in manila

5 Tips on Buying a Townhouse in Manila

Are you looking to buy a townhouse to call home in Manila? If so, and if you feel overwhelmed during the house-hunting process, you are not alone. The beautiful city of Manila, and, in particular, San Juan City, has many amazing properties from which to choose, and it’s helpful to have a guide to help you find the property that best suits you.

That’s why we’ve put together these five must-read tips for buying a townhouse in Manila. A townhouse is a great option as it is spacious with two or three stories and usually less expensive than a single family home.


Get a Reputable Sales Agent

It is advisable to have a quality sales agent to help you with your search for buying the townhouse of your dreams. This sales professional understands the housing market and can find you the properties for sale within your budget and that meet your criteria, including the number of bedrooms you envision. The agent can also provide you with vital information about a property, fully understands Philippine laws and can help you get a mortgage loan you want.


Search for Community Accessibilities

When you are looking at a townhouse for sale in San Juan or within another part of Manila, check for the local community accessibilities. For example, is there are place nearby to buy groceries easily? Is there a bank, church or mall close by that meets your expectations? Also examine the transportation routes in the area to ensure you could easily get around there if you purchase the property, or that your children can visit you easily there.


Visit a Townhouse at Different Times

Another tip for buying a townhouse in Manila is to visit the prospective location during different times of the day. What you want to see is whether the neighborhood is noisy at certain times of the day and how much traffic the street gets during the day versus at night. Then you can decide whether what you see or hear is going to be something you can get used to every day.


Research Values in the Area

Research what the average townhouse in San Juan or another city in Manila typically sells for. While you may not have the expense of children living with you, what you do need to consider is whether you can comfortably afford the average property price in the area. As well, ensure that you don’t get overcharged during buyer negotiations by being knowledgeable about reasonable prices in the neighborhood; a sales agent can help you determine these values easily.


Leave Room for Taxes

When negotiating a deal on the townhouse of your dreams in Manila, don’t forget to leave room in your budget for paying taxes. Buying real estate comes with the assumption that you will pay for the documentary stamp tax, transfer tax and registration fee (with the seller paying other fees). This is a standard procedure in the Philippines, although you may be able to negotiate with the seller for a slight alteration on the pricing structure. Make sure you keep these taxes in mind during the buying process so that you stay within your budget. That way you won’t buy yourself into debt, which only takes away from the excitement of owning a new property.

There are many great areas for shopping and dining in Manila, which makes it an ideal place to buy a townhouse.


Follow the five tips above to get the best experience buying a townhouse in San Juan or another local city so that you can truly enjoy the experience of living in the culturally-rich, beautiful location.

Make the most of your retirement, time without the kids or the joys of treating yourself to a property that you have always dreamed of obtaining – you deserve it, and an affordable one is close by, within reach, in Manila!

Visit our Open House - Al-Khor Phase 2

OPEN HOUSE: Townhouse for Sale in San Juan City: Al-Khor’s Phase 1 (San Luis)

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan has vastly sold out all its available Phase 1 townhouse units and is currently completing the second phase of the series by September 2014. In light of this success, we are currently on the drawing board completing the designs for the third phase of our modern cluster of townhouse designs.

Defining our brand of “Townhouse in San Juan“, we are getting to a mark in the diligence as a blossoming company that develops modern townhouses. Once finished, the three part townhouse series, which is settled in the same residential area will total our crafted homes to 44 in the heart of San Juan.


Video with Photo Gallery of Townhouse for sale, San Juan City

Ongoing construction of our second phase is just adjacent to where we sold out the first phase of our project here in San Juan city. With the companies endeavour to provide a family based homely community, Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan will launch the second serving of the much awaited Phase 2 project model house unit by June 2014 and the rest of the units completely finished and ready for occupancy by September 2014.

Unique Modern Style Townhouse

[two_col]Al-Khor Townhomes Phase 2 Exterior Perspective right side view[/two_col]
[two_col_last]Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan Podium Phase 2[/two_col_last]
This unique modern style townhouse is considered to be an improved modified project compared to the first, as it has more features exemplary amenities, outstanding architectural structure and admirable interior designs aside from the eco-friendly theme. Truly a class of its own; the second phase of the project is a valuable property investment that will satisfy your desire for comfort.

Our townhouse presents a more extensive array of features, starts with its multi-level townhouse unit with:

  • – 3 bedrooms
  • – car garage
  • – maid’s quarter
  • – utility area
  • – service deck
  • – matching park like podium
  • – viewing deck
  • – gated security with surveillance camera

Not to mention we added a ramp specifically for disabled homeowners and for heavy lifting furniture at the rear side of the building.

Affordable Homes

[three_col]Al-Khor Townhomes Phase 2 Master's Bedroom[/three_col]
[three_col]Al-Khor Townhomes Phase 2 Stairs, Kitchen & Dining Area[/three_col]
[three_col_last]Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan view on top[/three_col_last]
More photos of Phase 2 project in our gallery page: “Townhouse for sale in San Juan City”

Affordable homes with such character and proximity is a needle in a haystack in an urban scene, yet we made everything possible. Even your most distinguish discriminating preference will be pleased with our house design ideas which we all sums up together to create this dream home.

The demand for a residential area is high in this district since it is strategically located in proximity to your daily necessities. Find yourself in the belly of the dragon which is regarded to be the best place to reside for good luck and more success according to Chinese fung shui. It is also regarded as the heart where nearby establishment for educational, spiritual, business, wellness and leisure is just within your reach.

A sure-fire hit to call the attention of all family oriented couples as it is perfect for a young family. Proving it to be an ideal home, our project is not entirely an eye catcher for its elegance but also for the irresistible price we offer. We surely over did ourselves by building a set of luxury house to comfy affordable homes.

Available for Pre-Selling

Al-Khor Townhomes San Juan is offering a handsome discount to those who will avail during the pre-selling period. Come and visit us and we will make sure your participation will be a worthwhile experience.

For all interested home buyer, townhouse for sale San Juan City.
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townhouse in san juan open house

townhouse in san juan open house




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